Jacob Gleason Saxophone

The Mystery of Vibration

I set out to unravel the mystery of vibration. However, that doesn’t mean I tried to attempt this on my own. In fact, I had many great teachers that guided and shaped my hearing and overall perception skills.

I somewhat jokingly refer to myself as a “Pattern Recognition Specialist” nowadays because that is essentially what musicians are; human computers that set up mathematical arrangements of frequencies [tones] and time [rhythm] and display them as auditory data [or a musical “piece”] and try and imbue the performance with the correct emotion.

This kind of musical programming is what I have made my business.

A musical artist creates an abstract sound sculpture that one cannot see, something that floats away on the breeze or bounces off the nearest wall and is never heard from again. The job description is to be a direct mood manipulator and subtly affect the way a listener feels.

In this regard, responsibility and restraint are important factors. However, one must maintain that primal instinct to rock and never loose sight of the original inspiration that called them to perform music in the first place. If it’s not fun, you are doing it wrong.

Jacob Gleason Saxophone

Photos by Dennis Scott